Google trying to roll out a new feature called ‘Plus One’ (+1) on to there search engine, For making the search engine more social. Now this +1 feature is not available for public, But you can try this feature by following my instructions.

How To Activate Plus One(+1) Feature On Google?

  • First, Sign into Google.
  • Then go to
  • Then click Join this experiment on +1 Button experiment.
  • .
  • After joining the experiment, Go to, If you gets redirected to or so, Then click on ‘go to‘.
  • Then type any search query and hit enter, You could see the search results with +1 sign.

That’s it, You have successfully enabled +1 on you google search results.

Why This Feature?
Google introduced this feature, For competing with facebook like button and twitter tweet button.

Read more about +1 Feature…


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