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How A Bookmarklet Works

Bookmarklets are special bookmarks that add one-click functionality to a browser or web page. They look like normal links, but are written in Javascript and can perform different tasks depending on what page you're...

How to Download Songs from Soundcloud for Free

Sound Cloud is a great platform for audio experts and for people who loves to listen and discover new audios and songs. It’s really easy to upload and share audio files on soundcloud, and they... bookmarklet Bookmarklet for URL Shortening

If you want to make short links without installing Google Toolbar, then try Bookmarklet. Which will make it easier for you to convert any URL to a short URL instantly. Google The Page! <-- Google... URL Shortening Bookmarklet

Yahoo has launched a new url shortening service but currently its used for yahoo services only. Thank god for creating so many tweakers around the globe. Chris Heilmann created an awesome bookmarklet for shortening...

Automate ‘Suggest To Friends’ | Facebook Pages

You can automate the process of selecting friends who have not joined to your facebook fan page while using 'Suggest to friends' feature on facebook pages. Here is a bookmarklet which will do the work...