You can create your own custom countdown widgets for your Birthday, Anniversary, Festivals, And for all those events where you need a countdown.

Counto makes is really simple to make a count down widget. I’ve made a New Year 2011 Countdown Widget in 10 minutes.
New Year 2011 Countdown Widget

How To Make A Countdown Widget?

* Go to Counto
* Choose a date:
   For New Year Eve, Enter 01-01-2010 as date a set time to 00.00
* Provide an appropriate Title texts for your widget. First title to show before the event, and the other one to show on the event date.
* You can also give a custom background image to the widget. For that, select the Background tab and provide the right images to show when the countdown is running, And to show when the countdown finishes.
* You can also link the widget to any webpage, For that, click on the link tab and change the default link with your custom link.

Isn’t it easy??


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