itwitteritwitter Is The First iphone Twitter App To Do Push, This App Notifies Twitter Updates On Your Home Screen.
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Despite the number of iPhone Twitter applications out there, most users have narrowed down the list of clients they use on a regular basis to one or two of the most popular apps like Tweetie, Tweetdeck, Twitterfon, Twitterific, Twinkle, Twittelator, Tweetsville, or something else entirely. Since these clients already have notoriety and a solid user base, we expected to see one of them emerge as the first Twitter client to introduce “push” technology. Imagine our surprise then when another application, a newcomer called iTwitter, beat out all the rest to achieve this claim to fame. Having just launched yesterday in the iTunes App Store, iTwitter is a robust Twitter application which offers all the features you would expect including access to your friends’ timeline, direct messages, mentions (@ replies), favorites, following and follower lists, and a compose screen. Plus, it also throws in several extra features that may put it one notch above your current favorite app like its ability to display nearby tweets, integration with TwitPic (including an inline viewer), a fast re-tweet option, a landscape keyboard, custom searches and the ability to save them, and conversational threaded tweets.

Link To Download : iTwitter [ iTunes Link ]
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  1. Great write-up. You should check out the Twitter push client that I just released, Boxcar. It's available at

    Boxcar is unique because it plays nice with your existing favorite twitter client (mine is Tweetie). I get notifications of new @mentions and new DMs, and Boxcar opens Tweetie for me.

    Right now we poll every 5 minutes, but we're working on a near real time solution. There is also no stupid requirement for both people to be using Boxcar. This is push notifications done right. =)

    Hit me up if you have any questions or comments!


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