Are you one of those guys who are willing to buy products and services online but finding dificulty in paying for it because you are not having a credit card. In this post I’ll provide you a perfect solution, You can create a virtual credit card with your atm debit card.

Who’ll Provide Me Virtual Credit Card
Entropay, Its an online virtual credit card provider which will help you to create a virtual credit card which can be used for buying products online and paying online services. And its free to create a virtual credit card.
How Can I Transfer Money To My VIrtual Card?
You can transfer money from your atm debit card, I’ve used my syndicate bank account’s visa atm debit card for adding fund to my entropay card.
You can add any amount between $20 and $2000 in a single transaction. You’ll get charged 4% of your transferring amount as a service charge.(That’s $4 for $100)
My Experience with Entropay
I reached entropay when I was in need of an hostgator webhosting account and I was finding difficulty in paying for it, As I was not having a verified paypal account or a credit card.
The only thing I had was a standard bank account and an atm debit card (visa).
Then I created an account in entropay and they provided me a virtual credit card without paying anything.
After that, I added an $100 to my virtual debit card, They charged $4 as service charge. And I used that credit card for purchasing hostgator webhosting.
I’m a satisfied entropay customer since 18+ months.
How To Create A Virtual Debit Card Using Entropay?

  • Go to and click Sign up now.
  • Provide your details on the sign up page.
  • On the next step, They will ask you for a funding source, Enter your ATM card number, Card type, Valid from, Expiry, Card holder name, etc..
  • For visa debit cards, You need a verified by visa account for activating your card. In this case, I’m using syndicate bank’s visa debit card. For getting verified by visa account you have to go to and click Verified by visa. 
  • You’ll be taken to a new window, Click ‘click here’ below the Global debit card .
  • Click Abridged Registration.
  • And continue to register for verified by visa account. (for more information on verified by visa, click here)
  • Use that verified by visa account with entropay registration.
  • On the next step, You can add fund, Or you can skip it for later.
  • After signing up successfully, They’ll provide you a new virtual shopping card.
  • You can use it with any kind of online purchasing where visa card is accepted.
What Else I Can Do With Entropay?
You can receive money with a low transaction charge, You can order for a physical credit card which can be used with any ATM (Its too costly).
You can also transfer money from your entropay card to your bank account. Click here for more details.


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