Facebook Virus Checking Application Has Really Made Facebook Users Mad. Is The Fan Check Virus A Hoax?

The fan check application running around on the web is being searched for on the web is not a real virus. It is a chain letter that is going out and around, and becoming quite viral in its own manner. Anything that can generate the interest in less than 12 hours that this thing has, is viral all on its own.
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First and foremost get yourself a virus scanner from any link you trust. It’s important!

The surge in traffic generated from fan check virus snopes is as amazing as it always seems to be when a seemingly random phrase generates enough traffic to dominate the Google rankings of Google trends.

If you don’t know the Google trends page, you are missing out on probably your best friend if you want to appear to know the news before the news breaks. It is similar to the way that researchers can track the flu faster with Google information, than the CDC can track it with their information. Google knows what people are searching for, what they have on their collective minds. Last night, it was Kanye West, even before it hit mainstream media outlets, it was killing Google trends. And the more interesting Google application which is auto suggesting search phrases.

So the long and short of the moral of the story, is that right now, I have no idea if the fan check virus is real or a hox, but at least I’m willing to admit that to you, instead of making you believe something I didn’t even fact check. This is a knee jerk reaction to a group of words. I hope it is appropriate.

But get that virus scanner now and use it!

You Can Get More Info On Bolpress, Snopes

Hats Off To Cray Critter.

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