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Best Key Board Shortcuts For Windows

Getting used to using your keyboard exclusively and leaving your mouse behind will make you much more efficient at performing any task on any Windows system. I use the following keyboard shortcuts every day:Windows key + R = Run menuThis is usually followed by:cmd = Command Promptiexplore + "web address" = Internet Explorercompmgmt.msc = Computer Managementdhcpmgmt.msc = DHCP Managementdnsmgmt.msc = DNS Managementservices.msc = Serviceseventvwr = Event Viewerdsa.msc = Active Directory Users and Computersdssite.msc =...

Use Your Pendrive As Ram ( XP )

Yes with some manual settings you can use your pen drive as a RAM1) Connect your pen drive to your PC 2) Allow PC to detect your pen drive.3) After your PC finished with its detection work,you have to do some little works .4) Right click on the My Computer and select the properties :5) Go to advanced and then performance setting then advanced :6) Then select pen drive and click on custom...

23 Ways To Speed Up WinXP, Not only Defrag

Since defragging the disk won't do much to improve Windows XP performance, here are 23 suggestions that will. Each can enhance the performance and reliability of your customers' PCs. Best of all, most of them will cost you nothing.1.) To decrease a system's boot time and increase system performance, use the money you save by not buying defragmentation software -- the built-in Windows defragmenter works just fine -- and instead equip the computer with...