Farmville Feed Filter – Get Your Needs More Easily In Farmville!”BS Editor: FV Feed Filter Is A Google Chrome Browser Extension For Farmville On Facebook.

Get Your Needs More Easily In Farmville And Reward Your Neighbors With The Following Features:-
* Easy Access To An Isolated Farmville Game Feed
* Quick Gift Sending Through The App On Facebook Or Farmville.Com For Exclusives
* Categorical Filtering By Lonely Animals, Mystery Eggs, Achievement Ribbons, Collectibles, Horse Stable Consumables, Free Fuel, Other Bonuses, Helping Hand, Seasonal Specials, Flowers, Fertilize Requests And Informational Feeds Like Level Ups.
* Auto-Load Of Farmville Neighbor Feeds Ready To Be Filtered!
* Graying Out Visited Links Marked As Done To Avoid Re-Visitation.
Enjoy And Happy Farming!
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