Hafis Ismail [Founder & Author ] 

Hafis, an SEO Specialist and Digital Marketing Consultant who has a particular interest in web and technology. He started blogging in 2009 just as a  time pass hobby, those blogs had no targets or goals. In fact, I may be the only one who has visited those blogs :). But after reading many inspirational articles written by various successful bloggers, I decided to create a professional blog. That’s how I got the idea on the establishment of 1001Tricks blog.

In the beginning, I used to copy articles from other blogs and pastes to my blog :). But soon I realized that copying content is such a waste of time, and it won’t benefit my blog in any way. From that point, I tried to write original articles by collecting information from various technology related blogs. But at that time also, I was making too many mistakes while blogging. Whenever somebody asks me, I always tell them that I have learned from my mistake. Still, I’m not a perfect blogger, but I’m continuously trying to find my mistakes and to rectify those.

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