Friday, December 2, 2011

Sell Your Old Or Broken Phone And Earn Money

sellcell - sell your old phones
Do you know that, There are about 300 Million unused Cell Phone only in US. Have you ever thought how badly this will effect our environment? Its our responsibility to Reduce the landfill waste and also our Carbon footprint. So, for a greener environment and to earn some money, Its a good idea to sell our old cell phones to Cell Phone Recycling Companies. Sell My Cell Phone will help you with a user-friendly 'Cell Phone Recycling Price Comparison' facility, Its really easy to find a Recycling company which pays you more. With Sellcell, You can also sell your damaged phones.
How To Sell A Phone Using
  • Visit
  • Enter your Phone model along with brand name on search field (ex: 'iPhone 4').
    sellcell - sell old phones
  • A drop down box will appear, Select your Phone from that.
  • On next page, You can see various 'Buyers' and their 'Offering Price'.
  • After choosing a buyer, Click 'Cell Now'.
  • Provide some basic details about your Phone on the next step, After filling those details, Click 'Calculate'.
  • They'll show the exact amount they are going to pay you. 
  • If you are OK with the price, Then click 'Add To Cart'.
    sellcell cart
  • They'll ask your 'Email Id' while completing the deal, The Buyer will mail you exactly what you have to do(Shipping is Free).
You'll get the money withing 1 week after Buyers receives it. Payment methods are Paypal and Cheque, You can choose any 1 method from them.

What They Will Do With The Phone?

If the Phones are in Good condition, Then they will refurbish it and export it to developing countries for reusing. Old ones are used for the production of new ones, Recycling  will help the manufacturer and environment. 

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