Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Create A USB Recovery Console Disc For Windows XP

Creating a recovery usb disc will become very useful at critical situations. In this post, I'll explain you on creating a portable usb recovery disc on pendrive for windows xp.

Trick For Making A USB Recovery Disc For Windows XP:

  • First download Recovery USB Console. 
  • Extract the downloaded "mkrecovery.zip" to your desktop.
  • Right-click the "mkrecover.cmd" and click edit from the extracted folder.
  • With notepad, Change the "USBDRV" setting from "R:" to the path of your pendrive location.
  • Then change the "XPSRC" value to "f:\i386\winnt32.exe," where "F" should be the path of your cd rom drive where windows xp disc is inserted.
  • And save that file.
  • Then execute mkrecovery.cmd ( Make sure that you have inserted a valid windows xp disc and you have plugged a usb thumb drive.)
  • Thats all! You have successfully created a USB Recovery Console Disc for Windows XP.
There are different ways for making a Recovery console disc on usb drive, Here are some other resources which will help to make a usb recovery console disc if the above trick is not working.

* Try the 911cd.net's way.
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