Monday, March 28, 2011

How To Create A Poll Question On Facebook

Facebook has introduced official tool for asking poll questions on your profile. Its very easy to create and share poll questions on facebook.

How To Activate Facebook Questions?
  • After sining in to facebook, Go to
  • Then click on enable facebook questions.
  • Then you could see 'Questions' tab on your facebook profile.
  • questions-tab-on-facebook
  • For creating a new question with poll, Click on Questions tab. And write your question.
  • For adding poll to the question, You should click on 'Add poll option
  • And fill the poll values...
  • facebook-poll-creation
  • Click on 'Ask Question' after adding all the values.
  • Thats all, You have successfully created a facebook question with poll.
  • Sample Question...

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